The Pros and Cons of Greyhound Racing Today

Greyhound is a breed of dog known for its slender figure, excellent sight, and high speed. This is the reason why this breed of dog was used for hunting before. In the modern times, greyhounds have been utilized for racing purposes.

However, whether you are a greyhound owner or breeder, or you want to watch or bet on greyhound races, there are several pros and cons with this type of racing.

The Pros

  • Bonding with your Greyhound. If you own a greyhound, greyhound races usually improve your bond because you spend most of the time training. In other words, greyhound races make a very good reason or motivation for owners to train their dogs and care for them. Although this should not be the only motivation, it sure is an effective one.

  • Earning Money. Whether you are participating in greyhound races or you simply want to bet on greyhound and latest odds on online betting portals, this is an opportunity for you to win and earn money. In fact, this is the reason why many breeders even consider breeding greyhounds.

The Cons

  • Animal/Dog Cruelty. Dogs are considered man’s best friend and they are more than just a tool you can use to earn money, especially through greyhound races. These races can ignite dog cruelty and abuse especially for some breeders who treat these dogs as slaves to race for them. This makes watching or betting on greyhound races discouraging as you will feel you are taking part in dog cruelty.

  • Fading Popularity. Greyhound races are no longer as popular because of the regulations and laws protecting animals from cruelty. Plus, the rise of other betting opportunities like casinos, more modern races, etc. also contribute to the fading popularity of greyhound races.

It is fun to earn money through races as well as it is right to bond and care for your greyhound as owners or breeders. However, one should remember that dogs are more than that and greyhound races should not be your only motivation to care for them.